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Susan Wesley is the leading San Clemente Interior Designer

Susan Wesley refuses to be limited by one interior design style. “People live so differently that everything I do depends on the preferences and, of course, on the personal taste of a client. Working in a variety of styles makes my job much more exciting,” she says. Wesley’s diverse interior design portfolio includes work from across San Clemente residential homes, office interiors and commercial spaces.

For over 20 years Susan Wesley has provided personalized, visionary interior design services for residential and commercial clients. She incorporates a deep personal understanding of her clients lifestyles and personalities, along with lifestyle preferences, to create spaces that truly serve the people who live in them.

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The one constant is a sense of modernism that comes through in the simplicity and clarity of lines, spatial relationships, and choice of materials.

“I enjoy doing research; it’s the most wonderful part of a project,” Wesley says. “That’s where the concept truly emerges. There are so many paths you can follow in design. My job is to focus the concept and make it strong and cohesive.”

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